Newsletter – October 2016, Update 5

================================================= OLD WISDOM FROM DESIDERATA… universe-is-unfolding 32 TWEETS THAT WILL MAKE YOU DAMN PROUD TO BE A NASTY WOMAN      JESSICA SAMAKOW, MANAGING EDITOR, HUFFPOST VOICES, 10/19/2016 nasty-woman-t-shirts Donald Trump is nothing if not consistent in the way he demeans women. “Such a nasty woman,” he muttered into his microphone in the final moments of the third presidential debate while Hillary Clinton was answering a question about health care. It was a horrifying moment that should surprise nobody considering how Trump has acted in the past any time a woman has threatened his (very fragile) masculinity. But this time, the good people of Twitter decided not to be offended by Trump’s words. Instead, they took the opportunity to make some beautiful Janet Jackson references and declare that perhaps a Nasty Woman in the White House is exactly what we need.   Just minutes after the debate ended, was redirecting to  ― the handy work of Jeff Meltz, a photographer and social media producer who lives in New York. nasty-woman-for-halloween See all 32 tweets that will have you wearing Nasty Woman as a badge of honor at ================================================= © Copyright 2016, by William R. Idol, except where indicated otherwise. All rights reserved worldwide. Reprint only with permission from copyright holder(s). All trademarks are property of their respective owners. All contents provided as is. No express or implied income claims made herein. We neither use nor endorse the use of spam. =================================================

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