Who Are ‘We’?

“There’s more than one of us in here…”

One of the best things Father William’s learned in life was that being schizoid could be a good thing, if (a very big “if” in the 50’s) he could recognize, accept and manage the different parts of himself. But the popular models for multiple personalities back then were “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” and “The Three Faces of Eve.” Young FW was desperate to hide his bizarreness, so, as Uncle Remus said, “he lay low.”

So he spent his first thirty years feeling guilt, shame and “layin’ low.” These were not consistently happy times. Then, thank the gods that be, the liberation of the 60’s arrived. Some of these “liberation” experiences ranged from worthless to destructive, but many of them gave him a new shot at life and living. For these, he is eternally grateful.

Places You Could Go Next…

STORY:In Your Own Image” chronicles the liberation and new possibilities I found in the 60’s and 70’s. It warms me with both my embarrassments and delights as I “tried to be free” – thanks for so much, Leonard Cohen, and so many others…

ACTIVITY:The Four Corners Game” lets us explore our own “orchestra of sub-personalities” alone or with a group. You’ll enjoy learning about your deeper selves as you play. Done with friends and a glass of wine is surprisingly rewarding…

THEORY: In the last three decades Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence have generated much attention and dialogue. Here are some earlier sources that helped this old man see himself more clearly…

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Jung’s “Psychological Preferences

  • Are you INFJ?  ESTP?  Or 1 of the other 14?

Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs

  • Survival?  Security?  Belonging? Status? Being?

Assagioli’s “Psychosynthesis

  • Are we a madhouse?  Or an orchestra?

Van Dusen’s “Natural Depths

  • A psychological identity as real as the physical?

PROCESS ($): “Create Your Natural Depths Profile”

Standing on the shoulders of Jung, Maslow, Assagioli, Van Dusen and others, we built a tool that helps make conscious our unique Natural Depths. The actual process of creating your Profile helps you see and understand yourself more fully.

You can download all the materials including a podcast of FW guiding you along the way. Here’s what others have said about creating their Profiles… (Not yet available)