"You are old, father William," the young man said...

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Dr. Clotaire Rapaille is an internationally known expert in Archetype Discoveries and Creativity.  His psychiatric work and research with autistic children led him to develop a new process for understanding how children are imprinted for the first time by what he calls "The Logic of Emotion," which is the code of each Cultural Archetype in the collective unconscious of a given culture.  His technique for market research has grown out of his work in the areas of psychiatry, psychology and cultural anthropology and is an extension of the work done by many of the great scholars of the twentieth century, including Jung, Laing, Levi-Strauss and Ruth Benedict.


Joseph Campbell was a life-long student and teacher of the human spirit and mythology--not just the mythology of cultures long dead, but of living myth, as it made itself known in the work of modern artists and philosophers--individuals who searched within themselves and their societies to identify the need about which they were passionate. He called this burning need that they sought to fulfill their bliss.


Matthew Fox is a spiritual theologian who has been an ordained priest since 1967.  A liberation theologian and progressive visionary, he was silenced by the Vatican and later dismissed from the Dominican order. After dismissal he was received as an Episcopal priest by Bishop William Swing of the Diocese of California.  Fox is the founder and president of the University Creation Spirituality and the author of 24 books, including the best selling Original Blessing.


For fifty years this amazing event has opened the minds of thousands (including Father William's) to possibilities beyond the narrow confines of consumer culture.  It's like an ongoing, evolving personal experience of "What the Bleep Do We Know?" that always surprises, delights and takes us further on our paths of choice.  Do your soul a favor and check it out!


This is George Lakoff's fascinating and very readable book on how our "frames" lead us around by the nose (whether we consciously want them to or not!).  Click the link above to sample, and if you aren't hooked by the end of two pages, I'll be very surprised.


"William Blake said, "The Road to Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom." He also said, "If the fool would persist in his folly, he'd become wise.""

"Weï'll see," Kris said.


"The foolish person wants more money and more of the things money can buy," Dominguez says.  "The wise person wants enough money, and more of the things money can't buy: health, happiness, love, and peace of mind."  Now the personal money management course that brings this wisdom to consciousness is open to every listener, with Transforming Your Relationship With Money.  Nine simple steps transform how you earn and spend and think about money.  Recorded live at the popular Joe Dominguez seminars (no longer available) that launched the book Your Money Or Your Life and the frugality, savings and simplicity movement in North America.


In addition to sharing stories of both her personal life and her years of training in an inter-tribal tradition of shamanic medicine, Oriah draws upon her years as a facilitator of spiritual retreats, as a social worker assisting women and families in crisis and as a student of philosophy in seeking to understand how we can be all that we truly are. Her name was given to her by the elders with whom she apprenticed and means one who likes to push the edge acan help others do the same.

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